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Larry E. Jackson, Honorary President


Last night the world became a very different place for many people. A place with a very large void in it. My father in law, Larry Jackson passed on to the next life. For me, Larry was a father, mentor, brother in arms, business partner and friend. For many many others around the world, Larry was a fierce friend and advocate. He left a long lasting impression with whomever was blessed to make his acquaintance. He seemed to always, and sincerely, think of the needs of others. He never hesitated to lend a helping hand to someone in need. I’ve learned more from Larry over the years than I could count.

Larry’s Esprit De Corps to his Marine Corps and his family was unmatched. He fought long and hard for individual veterans and their spouses right to hard earned benefits. He lead the VVA Chapter 97 Color Guard for many years and lobbied in Washington and other places for veterans rights and their fair treatment. He spent the last six years, through his company, renovating and maintaining our nation’s national cemeteries and national shrines.

He’s a true national hero and will be missed greatly.

Mr. Jackson was a recognized Native American Indian, Vietnam Veteran, a decorated United States Marine and had been a past President and Color Guard Commander for the Vietnam Veterans of America organization as well as a strong veterans advocate that had lobbied in Washington DC for Veteran’s Rights. He was also a retired County Veterans Service Officer providing counseling and services to America’s veterans. Mr. Jackson had a happy marriage of many wonderful years with multiple children and grandchildren.

Larry passed away on July 1st, 2015.


Patti Jackson, Principle and President

Executive management and oversight of the day-to-day operation and administration of the company. To include nationwide prime federal facility support service contracts. Contracts include maintenance contracts for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Charleston, Pittsburg, Fort Worth, Huntington, Baltimore and Louisville Districts, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, The State of Ohio, Ohio Army National Guard, The State of Wisconsin, State of Tennessee, US Army Reserve Centers, local city governments, Fort Hood Army Base, Fort Bragg Army Base, a multitude of National Cemeteries across the nation, Seymour Johnson AFB, Memphis VAMC, Dayton  VAMC, Johnson VAMC, 88th Army RSC, 81ST Army RSC, and many more.

Additionally, Patti belongs to numerous organizations within the Asheville community including The Rotary Club and the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.  Patti is the proud mother of two children and five wonderful grandchildren whom she spoils relentlessly.