Avartara Culture

Our Culture

Avartara is only as strong as the team it represents. To this end, we embrace a culture that fosters both professional and personal growth with emphasis on:

  • Open Communication
  • Teamwork & Cooperation
  • Clearly Defined Responsibilities
  • Ethics & Accountability
  • Continuing Education
  • Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

While our operations are exact and militant in their execution, the corporate atmosphere is also relaxed with a focus on achieving results, not getting bogged down by bureaucracy. Our departments work together closely, keeping everyone on the same page as we continually evolve our business processes.

We also embrace a strong proactive philosophy from the start, encouraging our team to look beyond their current challenges and be prepared for what’s around the corner. An open door communication policy allows us to avoid the pitfalls of “Groupthink”.  Everyone has the opportunity to respectfully voice opinions contrary to the status quot so that innovation overcomes complacency.